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10 Top Diving Tips

29th July 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

Have you ever been diving but felt a bit unsure?  Read our checklist of diving tips and ask yourself these questions before you go diving:

  1. Check that the dive centre is a member of a recognised certification agency
  2. Do not dive if you have doubts about the way the centre is run, the quality of the equipment on offer (including the boat) or if the instructor does not inspire confidence. Read 10 Top Questions to ask a Dive Centre.
  3. Never dive if you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the trip. Peer pressure and the desire not to look stupid account for a lot of accidents.
  4. Make sure you receive a thorough dive briefing that explains the conditions you are likely to encounter and the level of difficulty involved.
  5. Don’t dive if you think the sea is too rough, the current too strong or the visibility too poor. If you’re not comfortable don’t do it.
  6. Ask about first-aid facilities and check that the dive boat and centre have oxygen available for emergencies. Consider becoming a member of DAN (Divers Alert Network), which offers accident insurance and 24-hour specialist medical advice.
  7. Take further training courses, especially “first aid for divers” and the PADI Rescue Diver course (or similar), which teaches you to spot an accident before it happens.
  8. Diving can be physically strenuous. If you are unfit you won’t be able to help yourself or another diver in an emergency.
  9. Take responsibility for your own actions and don’t dive beyond your training and experience. It’s meant to be fun, not a test of bravery.
  10. If you’re in any doubt, don’t dive.  You could be risking your life.


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