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10 Top Tips for buying Scuba Diving Gear

1st August 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

Buying scuba diving gear is expensive; read our top tips before you buy . . .

  1. When buying a diving computer, consider getting one that is compatible with nitrox for they are also compatible with traditional air.
  2. One feature that is best to have in a diving computer is an alarm. Alarms will alert you when your air is running low or you’re ascending too fast. Most diving computers have visible alarms though it’s also a good idea to get one that has an audible alarm. This way you don’t have to keep checking the monitor.
  3. A good fitting mask is important. It must have a strong seal and must stay in place. A silicone seal is able to withstand exposure to salt and sun.
  4. Snorkels must have flexible joints at the bottom that permits it to adjust to the contours of individual faces. A purge valve will enable the easy removal of water if it is required.
  5. Divers, at a minimum, should have their own masks, fins, snorkel and booties because these are personal items.
  6. Before buying scuba diving gear, make sure to read up on literature for diving equipment. Look for the pros and cons for each brand before making a decision.
  7. An important item to have is a good dive watch. This could be a backup in the event that some gauges fail during a dive
  8. Buy equipment from an authorized dealer for that manufacturer. Purchase from a shop that is also an authorized repair facility for that gear to make sure that warranties and service agreements will be honored.
  9. Buy only from a reputable dive shop. Try on, touch and feel the diving equipment. Ask questions of the store personnel. Find out if your gear selections are correct.
  10. Don’t scrimp. Buy what you need. Buying cheap actually cost more money later on.

[Photo credit – Kelvin Murray, Silvertip Expeditions]


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