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9 ways you will change as a traveller after becoming a diver

2nd October 2015   |   Allane Milliane (Packing my Suitcase)

Becoming a diver is a big step towards uncovering a whole new world, and to make magical discoveries of your own. Being able to breath underwater will allow you to explore the ocean and its inhabitants in a completely different way. It's also something that will change you as a person, and as a traveller.

After becoming a diver, with every diving trip made, you'll start to notice some changes on your way of traveling, positive changes. You'll:

1. Check the world map for diving destinations more than you think

Soon enough you'll realize that the world is a playground for divers. There are many amazing places in every corner of the planet offering dive sites you have never thought of. You will want to dive in all of them, fact.

Dolphin House Marsa Alam

2. Want to include diving in every trip

If there is ocean near your next destination you will start researching if it is possible to dive there. If not, you will be disappointed and will start wondering if it isn't better to change the destination.

scuba tanks

3. Care (more) about nature

If you already cared about nature, wait until you become a diver. As soon as you start diving you'll realize how much the marine life relies on our protection. Respecting and protecting not only the ocean but also the entire environment around you, will become something very important when travelling and visiting new places.

Diving in Marsa Alam

4. Learn to pack light

As soon as you have your own equipment, in order not to pay the airline for your extra weight, you'll feel forced to pack light. In no time you'll be packing like a pro and will be more selective with what you really need to take. The diving equipment is your priority now.

5. Realize that you will never see the entire planet in one lifetime

When you begin to explore the underwater world, you will realize how immense it is, and how a lifetime is not enough to see it all. Even if you visit all existing countries, you still won't have seen half of the planet, because 70% of the Earth is water. A diver is lucky to be able to explore beyond the 30%.

wreck diving in Turkey

6. Change your healthy habits

Eating croissants for breakfast, forgetting to drink water during the day, drinking too much alcohol, these habits will have to change; at least when you are on a diving trip. A diver needs energy and to be hydrated to stay fit for diving, which might even avoid decompression sickness in some cases.

7. Become a braver person

Every diver will face at some point a difficult moment underwater, and that’s when he or she becomes stronger and braver. After solving a problem underwater, any other problem on the surface will seem easier to overcome. So, your uncomfortable hotel bed, or a bad restaurant won't be as much as a problem for you anymore.

diving in Egypt

8. See that, as a trip, each dive is unique

Every trip is unique, it doesn't matter how many times you visited that place. The same applies to diving; every dive is unique, even though you have been to that dive site before.

9. Learn that life is short

Either on the surface on underwater, life is short. You never know when something will happen to you, some of them are simply difficult to predict. After becoming a diver, you'll appreciate being alive just to be able to see how amazing the underwater world is. You'll enjoy every moment of your trips, especially if it involves diving.

diving in Turkey


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