A message from the winner of the Suunto D6i

21st August 2015   |   Sandro Lonardi

Hi everyone,

I’m the lucky winner of the Suunto sweepstake and owner of a brand new D6i. When I was asked to write a couple of words about my experience with Diviac, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

First of all, let’s say I’m a beginner in diving. I got my first certification in May this year and only have a couple dozens of logged dives. When I started, I was told by my instructor why it is so important to log your dives, and why he was still doing it even after hundreds of dives. But, as we were sitting around a table after our first open water dive, I was looking at other divers and couldn’t help me noticing that they were all focusing on their dive computer, pressing a few buttons to access their last logged dive and writing it down on their paper-based logbook. At that point, I was planning to buy my first dive computer and already decided I wanted to transfer my dives from it to my laptop. But that was not enough. As a diver, it’s important to have access to your logbook when you’re on a trip. So, I needed a way to send my dives from my laptop to my smartphone using a cloud-based logbook. I searched for a while. Then I found Diviac and I loved it from the beginning.

Diviac is more than a simple logbook. It’s a way of connecting divers throughout the world, to share experiences, photos and new dive sites and to keep track your previous dives. Moreover, it’s really easy to use: you can send directly your dives from almost any computer to your Diviac logbook with just a click and my new Suunto D6i is not an exception. It is then easy to add more details to your dive such as the location, tank pressure or used gear. The best of all is that I can look through my dives on my smartphone and edit them directly. Everything is user-friendly with Diviac and it has every functionality new technologies offers us. To my eyes this makes the difference between Diviac and other cloud-based logbook.

I dived with my new Suunto D6i and using it with Diviac is just the perfect match. During the dive, I add all the information I might have needed right on my wrist. Even on a low visibility dive, the screen was perfectly readable and I enjoyed it very much. Back at home, all I had to do was simply plug the D6i to my laptop and all the information was almost instantly available on my Diviac account. That was perfect.

Eventually, being Swiss myself, I am proud to support the team behind Diviac, just as I am proud of living in the city where its founders studied.

I hope every Diviac user enjoys it as much as I do. It really deserves it.



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