Diviac launches at DEMA

6th November 2013   |   Joel Perrenoud

Internet startup breathes new life into the traditional scuba diving logbook.


By re-thinking the scuba diving logbook from the ground up for today’s digital world, the founders of diviac have made the logbook more interesting, more relevant, and more social than ever before. The times of the static paper- or software-based logbooks are over. With diviac, a new global, mobile and social era for dive logbooks has begun!

The scuba diving logbook was initially introduced in the certification programs of most dive agencies in response to the need for increased safety. Recording parameters such as depth, bottom time, surface intervals and pressure groups was an essential process to be able to plan repetitive dives. With the advent of dive computers, the necessity to maintain a logbook for the purpose of dive planning has strongly diminished, and as a result, some divers have given up on recording their dives altogether.

When divac’s founders surveyed hundreds of divers across the world on the question as to why they seemed to lose interest in logging their dives and what could change that, the answers were clear: “for it to bring value, the logbook should be much more than a collection of dive statistics, it should be a beautiful and interesting journal of my dive history”; “it should be a place where I not only log my past dives but also plan my next trips”; “the ideal logbook should be educational and inspiring”; “it should be fully connected to dive computers”; “my logbook should be mobile and always with me whenever I need it”; “I would like my logbook to be future proof”; ”my logbook should allow me to easily share my dives with my friends and family.”

With all these points in mind, diviac was designed as a cloud-based web app that works on all operating systems and all devices. It is compatible with most modern dive computers, allowing direct data upload from any computer. It allows dive buddies to digitally validate and copy each other’s logs. Diviac also includes an extensive marine life database with over 14000 species, as well as a database of over 8000 dive operators, which it intelligently combines with diver reviews to create the “trip advisor” of diving. Finally, diviac is not only fully integrated with the major social networks, but also allows divers, instructors, dive operators and other players to connect and follow each other within the platform.

Dive professionals were not left out either. Diviac has special features that were built in just for dive operators and dive pros. For example, dive instructors can create a log template for each site that they regularly visit, pre-fill all the relevant data for those sites and, after every trip, only enter the details that are specific to that dive. With diviac’s validate & copy function, the pros also have the possibility to copy their logs directly into their students’ logbooks, complete with all relevant data. Last but not least, both dive operators and dive pros can earn a commission by promoting diviac to their customers.

When asked about the launch, diviac co-founder and CEO Joel Perrenoud stated “The overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received from our beta users over the past couple of months, makes me extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far. This is only the beginning though, and we’ll be working hard to make diviac even better and more beneficial not only to the divers but also all the players in the scuba diving eco-system.”

When asked about his favorite feature, divac co-founder and COO Thomas Achhorner stated “diviac has so many innovative features that naming one is difficult, but being part of a dive club, I personally can’t wait to have all the club members on the platform. This will give us all the ability to follow each other’s activities and get real time information on the dive conditions at our local dives sites.”


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