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13th July 2015   |   Sandro Lonardi

Invite your diver friends to try out Diviac to get a FREE-FOR-LIFE Premium membership to Diviac.

Share the love, become part of the digitalization of the diving industry and help build the richest user-generated dive content in the world!

Participate in this generational shift that sees how the classical paper logbook is transforming into a more sophisticated digital memoir where people log not only their dive profile but their experience as a whole.

How does it work

It super simple to get started:

  • YOU invite your friends to create an account on Diviac and, as soon as 5 friends have joined, you get our Premium membership for free, forever!
  • YOUR FRIENDS get a one-year-free Premium mermbership when they sign up.
  • YOU and YOUR FRIENDS can now follow each other's dive adventures and plan your next dive vacation togehter.

Sounds pretty sweet? Get started right away to earn your FREE-FOR-LIFE Premium membership.

How do I get started?

Click the link "Get Premium for free" in your user menu, in the top right of the page.

{<2>}Get started to invite your friends

In your dashboard we've added three tools to help you invite your friends:

  • A coupon code, for your friends to use during the registration. You can simply copy-paste it and share it with them.
  • A form, where you can enter the email addresses of your friends and send them directly an invitation.
  • A Facebook and Google Plus integration to select and invite your friends directly from the social networks.

{<3>}Get 5 friends to register to claim your premium membership

We look forward to welcoming your friends on Diviac!


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