Eco Travel: Spotlight on the Middle East & Africa

22nd February 2019   |   Emma Daffurn

Ecotourism: 'Travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the wellbeing of local people'.

From the sugar-white beaches of Tanzania and wild coast of Mozambique to the ancient deserts of Egypt, check out these forward-thinking eco resorts that put the environment and local communities at the core of everything they do.

1. Experience an 'Eco Diving Adventure' in Marsa Alam


  • Dive with: Red Sea Diving Safari, Egypt
  • Stay at: Marsa Shagra Village
  • When: March till May
  • Recommended trip length: 1 week

A pioneer of sustainable tourism development, this collection of Bedouin tents and desert buildings dotted along the coastline offer a mix of modern luxury and natural simplicity. There is a superb house reef and the chance to dive with turtles, corals and dolphins in crystal clear water. By visiting, you are already making a positive environmental choice in destination. To do more, join an eco-workshop, help out with a clean-up or understand more about the local community with a village visit.

Uncover the secrets of Marsa Shagra Village

2. Dive with whale sharks off the untamed coast of Mozambique


  • Dive with: Liquid Dive Adventures, Mozambique
  • Stay at: Liquid Dive Adventures
  • When: April till September
  • Recommended trip length: 10 days

This unique, family-owned resort is comprised of 11 Scandi-style cabins dotted along the coastline. Imagine miles of deserted beach and the chance to see the big stuff- whale sharks, mantas and humpback whales. As a 100% AWARE and Green Star Award Dive Center, the team embody a dedication to conservation across water and energy use, conservation leadership and food production (they have an awesome veggie restaurant!)

Learn more about Liquid Dive Adventures

3. Discover coral gardens and turtles in North Zanzibar


  • Dive with: Dive Point Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Stay at: Sunshine Marine Lodge
  • When: June till October
  • Recommended trip length: 2 weeks

Pay a visit to this African paradise and you won't regret it - there'll be perfect white sand beaches, azure seas and 20+ coral dive sites to explore. Say at the eco-friendly Sunshine Marine Lodge, where everything has been designed to create symbiosis between nature and the lodge's guests. Dine on vegetables from the local village, then get to know the community - they have a close relationship with the resort.

Go to Sunshine Marine Lodge

4. Visit the breeding grounds of humpback whales in the Indian Ocean


  • Dive with: Liquid Dive Adventures, Mozambique
  • Stay at: Sava Dunes Lodge
  • When: August and September
  • Recommended trip length: 10 days

This off-grid lodge is the perfect choice for divers who really want to get away from it all! Long, empty stretches of beach merge into the wild Indian Ocean and uninhabited coastline, the perfect vantage point from which to marvel at passing humpbacks. Even better, Sava Dunes have impressive eco-credentials. The lodge is powered exclusively by solar panels, says 'no' to single use plastic and acquires its crystal clear water from a nearby borehole.

Discover Sava Dunes Lodge

4. Explore the pristine reefs of the Red Sea's deep south


  • Dive with: Red Sea Diving Safari, Egypt
  • Stay at: Wadi Lahami Village
  • When: March till May
  • Recommended trip length: 1 week

Expect top-quality diving on some of the best reefs in Egypt combined with atmospheric accommodation in Bedouin tents and chalets beneath the desert sky- this is one for the true explorer. The resort's minimum-impact policy means waste is recycled, energy use is minimized, solar panels are installed and the local Bedouin culture is integrated into the tourism experience. Plus, they also facilitate international scientific research by providing accommodation and logistics support- what more could you want!

Explore Wadi Lahami Village


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