James Dyson Tackles Ocean Garbage

15th April 2014   |   Jackie Hutchings

Having revolutionized the vacuum cleaner market, James Dyson is turning his attention to a much bigger problem – that of ocean garbage.

Much of the rubbish finds its way into our oceans via rivers.  So, if a way can be found to clean up rivers,  the relentless stream of pollution choking the oceans and killing wildlife can be slowed.

Using the same cyclone  technology as in his vacuum cleaners, Dyson’s plan is to mount a huge vacuum on a barge which would have large nets on its front-end to trap plastic floating on the surface. A suction system would then pull the waste on board the barge where it’s shredded.  Huge cyclones then separate the different grades plastic before sending it for recycling.

This has the potential to remove a major source of pollution (which has created the infamous ‘Great Ocean Garbage Patch’), before it even reaches the sea.  This idea won’t help the existing vast garbage patches that exist, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

See full details at Fast Company


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