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10 Top Long Haul Flight Tips

29th August 2013   |   Jackie Hutchings

Long haul flying isn’t something I relish and so, with a trip to Australia looming (I’m in the UK), I decided to have a plan in place (very unlike me).  So, without further ado, here are my top 10 long haul flight tips to help me arrive refreshed and combat jet lag:

  1. A Cashmere travel wrap - expensive (but keep an eye on ebay – I bought mine for £85.00 and it was brand new) but it’s my top must-have.  Doubles as a evening wrap on a chilly evening.
  2. A Massage ball- it’s important to keep moving and keep your circulation going. Flight socks are compulsory  for me but I’m also taking a massage ball. Roll it around under your feet or pop it behind your shoulders for an instant in-flight massage.
  3. Macks Ear Plugs- these are the best.  They’re made of silicone and  you can mould them to fit over your ear.  I find them so much more comfortable than the tiny ones that you stick in your ear canal.  These are great for swimming and diving as well.
  4. Sominex – this is a sleep aid.  I’ve tried Melatonin in the past but found it hasn’t worked for me.  There’s a bit of research about it which suggests it’s a waste of time but I know plenty of people who swear by it. Sominex works every time for me.
  5. A new one for me – Jet Ease Tablets, essentially a food supplement – the manufacturers claim that it contains five vitamins helpful in countering the stress of jet travel.  Dosage is 1 tablet every couple of hours.  I’ll let you know if they work!
  6. A fast dry towel. I was sent this towel a couple of years ago by Discovery Trekking and have used it on every holiday since.  My flight to Cairns includes a couple of stops where I’ll have time to grab a shower.  It’s takes up little space and dries super quick.
  7. Since I’m on the subject of showers, a bit of a treat is some Dr. Hauschka travel products – natural skin care which smells divine.
  8. My trusty Jet Rest pillow. I’ve tried loads of travel pillows, blow ups, micro beads, but none has come close to being as comfortable as the Jet Rest – trust me.
  9. Neal’s Yard Remedies Remedies To Roll – chamomile and lavender to  help me relax.  Again, I’ve used this product for years, every day.
  10. My eye mask – I’ve tried loads of these. The standard airline issues are always too tight and scratchy but I had a lucky upgrade to First Class with Korean Airways and found the first class version to be one of the best I’ve ever tried! Thanks Korean Air.

Add to that list my iPad for movie watching, music listening, blog article writing and to make sure I get some headspace. Have I missed anything off the list?


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