Meet the Winner of "Win a Dive Holiday" - Scuba Show 2016

24th June 2016   |   Sandro Lonardi

During the Scuba Show trade fair we gave away one dive holiday. We've now randomly selected the winner and are happy to announce it.


The prize, a 3-night stay for two people at the Marigot Beach Club & Dive Resort in Saint Lucia, including breakfast and one diving day with 2-tank dives worth $1,890, goes to Forest Knott. Congratulations!

Forest has lived between Hawaii and California and has been around the ocean all his life. A main focus of his travels has always revolved around surf, but in recent years, he has taken a great interest in diving. As his next dive destination, Forest is looking forward to exploring St. Lucia and all it has to offer!

Forest Knott


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