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My Scuba Bucket List

7th August 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

Every so often, I randomly click on a ’10 Best Divesites’ blog post; there are loads out there and 60/70% of the contents are often the same so it got me wondering… what are the top dives that I want to do?  This is my Scuba Bucket List.

Of course, there are the iconic ones that many of us would love to dive but there are some less obvious ones which are experiences rather than specific dive sites. So, here they are, in no particular order:

  • I want to dive with seals – don’t care where, but I’d prefer the water to be as warm as possible :-)
  • Ditto for manatees; but not with a dive shop that harasses them – that’s important.
  • Having already disclosed my preference for warmer waters, this one may be surprising – the tectonic plates in Iceland. Gin clear water, amazing visability diving between 2 continents.
  • Bonaire – just Bonaire.  I love the idea of bowling up to a beach with a couple of tanks on the back of a hired truck and just wading in from the shore.  No worries about other divers, no need to keep up with the group, you can just take your time and enjoy the diving at your own pace.  Perfect.
  • Truk Lagoon.  Now, I should declare that wrecks aren’t my first choice for a dive but Truk Lagoon is different.  Not only is it in a beautiful part of the world, there’s a time bomb ticking.  As the wrecks deteriorate, tonnes of thick black oil, contained in their hulls, threatens to disgorge into the lagoon so it may not be around forever.  [Source: Mark Willacy, ABC News]
  • The Sardine Run – now, strictly speaking, this may not be a dive for me.  If I ever get there, I may just stay on the boat.  It seems that being in the middle of a pelagic feeding frenzy might not be for me. (I have a history of dangerous dive avoidance having politely declined the chance to dive the Blue Water Mangroves in Misool, Raja Ampat. Why? Simple.. saltwater crocodiles!)
  • Ari Atoll in the Maldives, for the chance to dive with whale sharks, manta rays and hammerheads.

The jury’s out on:

  • Stingray City in the Caymans.  Part of me likes the idea but part of me doesn’t  I just wonder if this is a tourist attraction now which has altered the behaviour of the animals.  Any comments or experiences would be appreciated.
  • The Xenobia – again, advice please.  I’m not big on wreck diving but the Xenobia is heralded as one of the top diving wrecks in the world.  I have this image of hundreds of divers on her at the same time which is a perfect recipe for stressful diving (in my world, anyway).
  • Jellyfish Lake (snorkelling only) – thousands of years ago, these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island of Eli Malk.  With no natural predators, they have evolved so that they no longer sting.  It looks amazing but might be spooky.

[Photo credit: ©  Ryan Johnson All Rights Reserved]


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