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An Open Letter to Bruce Springsteen

24th January 2014   |   Jackie Hutchings

Dear Bruce,

I first saw you in concert in 1981, Brighton, UK on The River Tour.  Since then, I’ve traveled Europe, catching every concert I could.  I was at the final concerts at the Giants’ Stadium.

Over the decades, I’ve heard you speak out for for the voiceless; I’ve heard you challenge governments; I’ve heard you be the voice of reason; I’ve heard you stand up for your values and I’ve been inspired by your lyrics.  And, now, I’m asking for your help on behalf of another voiceless group. Please.

Stay with me while I give you a bit of background.  The Western Australian Government is implementing plans to cull sharks off its beaches.  Indiscriminately.   Using baited hooks, it will lure the sharks inland so they can be killed.  The crazy thing is that, in attempting to reduce attacks, the bait will probably attract even more.  The risk of being attacked by a shark is extremely low but the cost of trying to minimise that risk is horribly high.

The world can’t afford to lose sharks… the oceans need them. They are critical to the ecosystem. Elimination of sharks has untold knock-on effects. Steven Speilberg has publicly stated how much harm his iconic film has caused them. Add to that the Chinese appetite for sharks’ fin soup and you have an untold number of shark species in crisis. The public face of the shark desperately needs some help.

Perth is an opportunity. The debate is current. The timing is perfect. Would you speak out in support of sharks?  You have influence.  People listen to you.  It can only do good.

I’ll be in the audience.  I’ll be there on 5th.  I’ll be there on 7th.   I’ll be in Cape Town on 28th and I’ll be in Hunter Valley.  If I bring the sign, will you hold it up?

Where there’s a fight against the blood and hatred in the air …..

Jackie Hutchings


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