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My Politically Incorrect Excess Baggage Rant

18th June 2012   |   Jackie Hutchings

Come on Australia, if you want divers to come, give us a break on our luggage allowances.

I’m sat in Cairns Airport writing this after being charged AU$50.00 per kilo excess baggage by the local airline, Jetstar.  Now, I wouldn’t mind if it was because I’d packed too many pairs of shoes but it was diving kit, purely diving kit.

Queensland is home to the Great Barrier Reef which is fundamental to the tourist industry so to penalise divers in this way is a bit of an own goal.

And, finally a personal rant which isn’t politically correct.  (I’m virtually donning a flack jacket in anticipation of the onslought). I weigh 54 kg (120 lbs).  Many passengers on the flight will be at least twice my weight and, if I’m sat next to someone even bigger, my personal space will be invaded and the flight will be even more uncomfortable (sorry if I’m offending anyone here, but it’s true).  When are the airlines going to acknowledge this and charge accordingly?  After all, I’m being penalised for my sport.

PS And here’s the irony… it seems that if I WEAR my kit, there is no excess baggage and this is where the Rufus Roo waistcoat can be a godsend. This lightweight gillet has loads of pockets which means you can stuff them full of all your heavy items!  Yes, the world has finally gone mad.

What do you think?  Have I just said what everyone else is thinking or am I discriminating against a growing number of people who struggle to keep their weight in check?


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