Quick Log your dive history with new placeholder functionality

12th November 2014   |   Joel Perrenoud

Want your old logs in diviac but can't find the time to enter each dive individually? Then our new improved "Placeholder Log" functionality is exactly for you


Want the absolute quickest way to get your dive count right? Simply enter 1 placeholder "trip" with the date of your first dive and the # dives equal to all your previous dives. Once your done, your profile summary will indicate the correct # of years of diving and correct total # of dives.

Have some more time? Enter your old logs grouped by trips. This has the benefit of putting a pin on the map for every trip you've done, giving you a better overview of your dive history.


Willing to invest even more time to see each old log, with its location, dive site, dive center and buddy? Then use the simplified table input functionality.


In any case, life has just got a little easier :)


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