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Sales Rebounding for the Scuba Industry

10th May 2012   |   Jackie Hutchings

If you’ve ever tried to find data about the scuba industry, you’ll know that it’s pretty impossible to find anything worthwhile (please let me know if you know of a source).

However, I have discovered William Cline who has been conducting quarterly surveys, to measure the state of the scuba industry, since 2005.  His latest findings (for the first quarter of 2012), show positive trends from the 167 businesses who responded.

Here is a summary the findings:

  1. All dive businesses saw, on average, a +5.1% increase in their gross revenues for the 1st quarter of 2012 versus the same period in 2011.
  2. Retailers* specifically were up reporting a +7.5% increase in their overall gross revenues in the 1st quarter of this year.
  3. New certifications for retailers were also up, posting an average increase in certifications of +.4%. Independent instructors also posted a slight increase of +.3% in certifications.
  4. Dive travel sales were up as retailers posted a +2.6% increase in sales.
  5. Dive equipment sales for retailers were also up posting a +5.1% increase in sales for the 1st quarter of 2012.
  6. Dive Manufacturers, just like the 4th quarter of 2011, posted an increase of +1.8% for the 1st quarter.
  7. Combined travel sellers and dive operations in resort areas posted growth for the third quarter in a row, posting a +7.4% average increase in gross revenues for the 1st quarter as well.
  8. Specifically resorts and tropical dive operations were also up +10.6%.
  9. Dive Liveaboards, although a small number responding, posted a +2.9% growth for the same period.
  10. Dive wholesalers/travel agents also posted a modest +1.7% gain.

***  **88% of the retailer respondents were from the USA and 91% of the retailer respondents were the facility owner or manager.

In February 2012, William Cline was appointed to the DEMA Board of Directors in a worldwide membership vote held by DEMA in San Diego, CA. The three-year term is to represent the global scuba diving industry as well as assist with directing the DEMA Trade & Consumer shows, plus a variety of consumer and trade outreach programs and research.


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