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The Tankbangers Saving our Oceans - One Note at a Time #OurBlue

15th December 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

I stumbled upon The Tankbangers earlier this year. A group of divers based in [Sharm](http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=27.85,34.2666666667&spn=0.1,0.1&q=27.85,34.2666666667 (Sharm%20el-Sheikh)&t=h "Sharm el-Sheikh"), they unexpectedly found themselves with time on their hands in the wake of the shark attacks in December 2010.  So, they made a decision.  They could have laid on the beach, drinking beer all day but they decided to do something worthwhile, something powerful which has led them to be one of the fastest growing NGOs in the marine conservation world.

What did they do first?

They decided to use music to get a message across.  A message that diving was fun and that sharks aren’t evil. They took a song that the world knew and loved and did a spoof underwater version.  And people loved it.  Divers and non divers alike.  And so The Tankbangers was born.

Fast forward 12 months and they’ve got serious.  They are focused and passionate – and that’s a powerful combination.   They realised that they had an audience; an audience that would listen so they decided to use that.  My words cannot do their vision justice so I’m blatantly taking text from their website.  It says it all.

And, in their own words, this is what they did next

“Why don’t we write our own song. A song about the blue. And why we love her?”

A song that shows the world how it could be.

A song that shows the world what we have done.

And a song that shows the world we must change our ways.

So we did.

It is our message to the world. It is your song. It is our song.

Because it is our blue.

And all we want you to do is sing.

Because everyone deep down loves to.

It is so much fun.

And singing when we know it’s for a reason greater than ourselves – is even better.

So WE are going to sing.

For you.

For us.

For our world.

And it’s about time.

So that’s what they’ve done, what can you do?


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