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Sharks Brains? “I’m a Celebrity” Goes Too Far

4th November 2012   |   Jackie Hutchings

In the early days of the hit reality tv show “I’m a Celebrity…”, the so called “Bush Tucker Trials” were fairly entertaining. But, like all these shows, the producers have to keep the audience engaged and their solution to this has been to give the hapless celebrities more and more revolting things to do. This is when I switched off. Seeing live insects being eaten doesn’t do it for me.

Next week, the latest series kicks off and it seems that, in their quest for even more sensational headlines, ITV have pulled something out of the bag which has the conservation community baying for their blood.

The Shark Trust has discovered that they are planning to include eating shark brains …… (pause while you pick yourself up off the floor). I’m really hoping that this idea has been dreamt up by a young intern who has no idea of the global impact that the desecration of shark populations is having on the marine eco system. I am praying that the powers-that-be at ITV axe this and publicly come out in support of the conservation of sharks.

However, I don’t want to rely on common sense prevailing so I’m asking you to help. So, if you share our mutual horror, please write to Ofcom and ITV to express your disgust. You can email them at at viewerservices@itv.com and give them a piece of your mind.

Here is some copy for you to paste into an email (or add your own thoughts). It does get there, we have had acknowledgments to the email so let’s clog their inbox:

Dear Sir/Madam,

*I have just heard that contestants on the forthcoming ‘I’m a celebrity’ show (being broadcast on ITV 1 this autumn) will be invited to eat shark brains. Shock and horror do not begin to describe my response to this. Sharks are apex predators, their presence is crucial to the marine ecosystem. It is well known that the species are in very serious trouble due to the pointless appetite for shark fin in the Asian market (pointless as they are used for status symbols not for taste). The practice is cruel and unwarranted and causes massive environmental damage. I am disgusted and disappointed that ITV, as a major British broadcaster have ignored such a massive conservational issue. *

Please do not broadcast this program and please consider what effect this will have on our future.

Thank you from me and the sharks.


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