Attention scuba divers: Diviac Travel is live!

14th April 2015   |   Joel Perrenoud

With more than 10’000 dive operators, thousands of reviews from real divers as well as scuba specific destination information, is the most comprehensive website for scuba divers to find, compare & book their next dive vacation.

Diviac’s founders are on a mission to bring the best of the Web to the scuba diving industry. After having launched, one of the world’s most popular cloud-logbook with users from over 135 countries, they have now released their newest platform,, with the simple ambition of becoming the of scuba diving.

What differentiates Diviac Travel from most competitors is the breadth and the depth of its content. With over 10’000 dive centers/resorts and over 700 liveboards from around the world, the platform certainly offers divers enough choice. And with a micro-website for each company with detailed information on service offerings, amenities, itineraries, photos and reviews, it certainly also offers great depth too.

In the future, the rich information provided by divers in their diviac logbooks will also be increasingly integrated into Diviac Travel, both as additional content and as ways of creating rich filters. For example, leveraging other divers’ marine life sightings, users will be able to search for the best location at any month of the year to spot any particular species.

When asked about the new business, diviac co-founder and CEO Joel Perrenoud stated: “We are working hard to build the online travel platform that divers deserve. A place where information is transparent, decisions are based on reliable user-generated content such as ratings and reviews, photos and marine life sightings, and a place where bookings can be made live. The launch of today is a first step in this direction and much more should be expected in the future.”



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