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How To Get Reviews - Top Tips

15th August 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

Reviews can be the lifeblood of any business.   This review was posted on Scubadviser and the first sentence said “I found Al’s Diving/Diving 4 Less based on reviews at Scubadviser. “  Reviews matter; recent statistics show that positive reviews are nearly as important as price or special offers when it comes down to making a decision. Webcredible, an online travel booking poll, found that 29% of people consider positive reviews as the biggest factor when booking online. The only factor more important was price.  So, we’ve put together our top tips to help you get reviews and tap into this free resource :

  1. Ask!  Once they’ve finished their diving with you, just ask whether they were happy with their experience and would they mind leaving a review for you.  Mention that it only takes a few minutes and it will really help your business.
  2. Put a poster up in your dive shop to remind them.
  3. Show them that feedback is important to you – post links on your website, print out examples of reviews and display them in your shop.
  4. Email them after they leave, thanking them for their custom with a link for them to click and leave a review
  5. Respond!  When someone takes the time and trouble to leave a review for you, respond and thank them.
  6. Get your staff to help – make sure that your staff know how important reviews are to your business.
  7. Be active on Facebook – personally congratulate customers who pass courses and add a photograph of them.  Facebook is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your customers long after they’ve gone home.  Post links to reviews as they are added and ask your fans if they could add one as well!
  8. Do a monthly newsletter to your customers; give them your latest news, eg new dive site found, new equipment in your shop, new services/trips you’re planning and include links to existing reviews and then ask if they’d like to leave one as well.  The trick is not to nag them but just gently remind them.

Something to consider

Should I offer people an incentive to write a review?  We do know that this is a widespread practice.  Personally, we don’t agree with it – it is bribery.  If people are getting something in return for writing a review, they probably won’t be honest.  Now, you might think that could be a good thing in that they’re less likely to write anything negative.  However, think of it a different way… how will you ever improve if you don’t get (and react to) negative feedback?  Also, if people read excellent reviews about you online and subsequently find that the reality is different, they won’t be back and they won’t recommend you.  They may even post their own review (read our tips for responding to negative reviews) which could expose you if you are offering incentives.


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