6 Lessons I've Learned From Agnes Milowka

21st September 2011   |   Jackie Hutchings

You might have read my recent post about cave diving.  It talks about Agnes Milowka, a technical diver who lost her life doing what she loved the most.  I didn’t hear about Agnes until after her death but have since been reading her blog.  She wrote brilliantly and there was always something which I learned and took away.  So, it feels fitting to document them here …. the 6 lessons I’ve learned from Agnes Milowka.

  1. Never leave the boat unattended when you’re diving – if you drift away, there’s no one to pick you up [When things go wrong underwater]
  2. Diving with a buddy does not necessarily mean you are any safer than you would be if you were diving alone [Lets talk about … the S word]
  3. Follow your passion – if you do, you’ll never do another day’s work again [Biography]
  4. I really MUST dive with seals -it’s been on my bucket list for much too long  [The Puppies of the Ocean]
  5. Don’t discount wreck diving [First loves are never forgotten]
  6. Wonderful things don’t come easy [In the heart of the tiger’s eye]

If anyone reading this has been inspired by Agnes, please comment.  What have you learned from her?


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