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Wouldn’t It Be Great If White Balance Adjusted Automatically?

26th January 2012   |   Jackie Hutchings

Just got back from the Red Sea with my son and was very pleased to get close up and personal with a 3 meter Leopard Shark at Stingray Station, [Ras Mohammed](http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=27.7222,34.2539&spn=1.0,1.0&q=27.7222,34.2539 (Ras%20Muhammad%20National%20Park)&t=h "Ras Muhammad National Park").

Hasan, my dive guide, started making funny signs on his head. As he is a bit of a joker, I thought he was just having a laugh. But, he kept pointing down and there it was sitting on the sand, or shall we say sleeping.  My son’s first encounter with a shark and his comment on Facebook was “Insane”. Not sure why it was insane, but there you go.  Took me years to catch up with “cool” and “wicked”!!

Took several shots of the Leopard Shark on the sand and then got to within 5 feet of it and videoed it moving away from me and then returning to me, face on would you believe, before it meandered off.

Was I pleased? You bet, until I realised that, amongst the excitement and diving descent, I had forgotten to adjust the white balance on my camera. Well, I got a good video that could have been so much better if I had adjusted the white balance. So my plea to camera manufacturers is to make a camera with an automatic white balance feature, that will prevent dummies like me from taking shots that are OK, to shots that are great. End of sermon.

We dived with Ocean College and stayed at the Sharm Grand Plaza


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