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Liveaboard Diving - The Ultimate Guide to Dive Safaris & Charters

9th May 2017 | Sarah Morlock

Take Your Holidays to the Next Level - Jump on a Liveaboard to Dive the Best Sites Many divers believe scuba diving is a day trip activity, but here at PADI Travel we believe that diving is a holiday in itself. Imagine spending a…

The 10 Best Liveaboard Destinations For Beginners

10th March 2017 | Sarah Morlock

As a new scuba diver, the world of liveaboards can be intimidating. But, it doesn’t need to be. Some of the best liveaboard routes are open to freshly certified Open Water divers. Picking the right destination will ensure you’re a…

The 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

13th February 2017 | Sandro Lonardi

Naming the top dive sites in the world is a risky business. The ocean is constantly in flux, and the desires of scuba divers are wildly varied. However, a few sites do stand out above the rest in terms of diver reviews and constan…